List of Mnemonics

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Opcode Mnemonic Description
E0 #m CAL00 #m Call subroutine at address #00m
FF #m CAL1F #m Call subroutine at address #1Fm


Language Conventions.

The naming of the opcodes is relatively uniform across different sources. They differ significantly from the „official mnemonics“ from the PC-1500 technical reference manual (where relative jumps are called „branches“), and also from the „R mnenomics“. This is surprising if we assume that many people independently decrypted the machine language on their own, by trial and error. Perhaps Alex R. B.’s cross-assembler project that includes much more popular processors like the Z80 and the 186 series, has provided some uniformisation. Note that one could imagine a more coherent usage of load, store, and move. Adopting the language of history scholars, this suggests the handing down of some non-perfect source.