List of Mnemonics

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Opcode Mnemonic Description
D0 SC Set Carry flag
D1 RC Reset Carry flag
D2 SR Shift bits in A to the right (divide by 2), with carry flag
D3 WRIT conflicting descriptions
D4 #b ANID #b And operation between immediate byte #b and Data cell (nn)
D5 #b ORID #b Or operation between byte #b and Data (nn)
D6 #b TSID #b Test byte #b and Data (nn)
D7 #b CPID #b Compare byte #b and Data (nn)
D8 LEAVE Leave loop (by setting (s) = 0)
DA EXAB Exchange registers A and B
DB EXAM Exchange A and Memory register (p)
DD OUTB send register (5D) to output port B
DF OUTC send register (5F) to port C


Language Conventions.

Opcode D3
Laurent F confesses not to know what „WRIT“ could mean. utz gives the mnemonic D3 #b CPIM #b: compare byte #b with register (p) (see disclaimer). In total, there are between ten and twenty opcodes whose action is undocumented and unknown.