List of Mnemonics

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Opcode Mnemonic Description
C0 INCJ Increment register J (number 01)
C1 DECJ Decrement J
C2 INCB Increment B (number 03)
C3 DECB Decrement B
C4 ADCM Add accumulator and Carry flag to Memory register (p)
C5 SBCM Subtract accumulator and Carry flag from register (p)
C6 TSMA Test register (p) and Accumulator
C7 CPMA Compare register (p) and Accumulator
C8 INCL Increment register L (number 09)
C9 DECL Decrement L
CA INCN Increment N (number 0B)
CB DECN Decrement N
CC INB Load Input from port B to accumulator
CE NOPT No Operation (three cycles)