List of Mnemonics

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Opcode Mnemonic Description
80 LP00 Load 00 into pointer p. Or: open internal memory register I
BF LP3F Load 3F into pointer p. Open internal memory register (3F)


Language Conventions.

Internal Memory
The CPU has fast access to ninety-six bytes of internal memory or registers. The first sixty-four can be „opened“ for reading and other operations (mnemonics with M) with the 1-byte commands 80 LP00 … BF LP3F. The conventional names for the first few are

Number 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B
Name I J A B Xl Xh Yl Yh K L M N

with the accumulator A and the two 16-bit pointers X and Y (low byte, high byte). The counter J = 1, nearly always. Note that the „Einführung“ uses slightly different letters. The internal stack starts at register (5B) and is filled „downwards“ (stack pointer s). The last four registers (5C) … (5F) can be connected to input and output ports.