List of Mnemonics

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Opcode Mnemonic Description
50 INCP Increment internal memory pointer p
51 DECP Decrement internal memory pointer p
52 STD Store accumulator in memory Data (nn)
53 MVDM Move (store) internal Memory register (p) to memory Data (nn)
54 READM Read next command byte (pc) into Memory (p)
55 MVMD Move memory Data (nn) to internal Memory register (p)
56 READ Read next command byte (pc) into accumulator
57 LDD Load Data byte (nn) to accumulator
58 SWP Swap hex digits in accumulator
59 LDM Load Memory register (p) to accumulator
5A SL Shift left the bits of the accumulator (= x2), with carry flag
5B POP Pull last byte off the Pile (stack) into accumulator
5D OUTA Send register (5C) to output port A
5F OUTF Send register (5E) to output port F


Language Conventions.

Program Counter pc
A pointer that gives the current position in a program code. The commands 54 READM and 56 READ always read the byte in the „following position“. It is undocumented how to manipulate the program counter.
Output ports
Ports A and B can be used in some small PCs as a serial interface (RS232). Sending the 3rd Bit 08 to port C, the CPU powers off.